2019 CtHIMA Meeting Survey

Due to poor attendance at both our Coding and General H.I.M. meetings, we are sending out this survey to find ways to perhaps make these meetings more accessible and easier to attend and to better provide the education our members need most. Despite efforts to contain costs, providing robust meetings continues to rise in costs for room rentals, food and other miscellaneous expenses. To avoid increasing our prices, attendance must increase to meet our expenses. Please complete the below survey.

This survey is anonymous, no personal or otherwise identifiable information is sent with the survey.

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2. Which location works best for you: *

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4. If you prefer half-day sessions, which time(s) of day work best for you (check all that apply):

5. Which works best for you: *

6. Reasons for not attending meetings: *

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7. List any topics of interest for future meetings:

8. Would you consider speaking at a CtHIMA event: *

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9. Do you know of anyone who might be interested in speaking at a CtHIMA event: *

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10. Any additional comments on how best to improve our CtHIMA meetings: