CtHIMA President’s Letter


To all our CtHIMA members, I would like to let you all know that as your incoming President, I will keep you informed of all the board’s plans for the current year as they unfold. We will be doing a newsletter as often as we can, and ask that if you have an article, story, or announcement that you would like to be added to the newsletter please send it along to Tara at “ ”.

I would like to welcome Moses Adgers and Anna Chick as our new 1st year directors, I know they will do a great job. I would also like to thank Nora McRoberts and Sabrena Gregrich, as they leave the board,  for all the work they have done on the board over the last several years. They will be missed. I would also like to welcome back our current directors, Wendy Fisher, Danielle Wilcox and Kristen Piccirillo. Also James Donaher who has moved to Past President, as I have moved up to President. We will be without a President -elect this year and hopefully we can have some people run in the next election as we need our members to step up and help lead the association.

Just a quick update on our Annual Meeting in August. We wish it would have been better attended, but we understand with the COVID ramping up a little that it might have kept people away.With that said we did have a great Annual with 6 great vendors and great speakers, such as Jennifer Cox , Carl Schiessl,Phil Goyeau from 3M,Matt Turner from Dolbey,  Sandy Giangreco Brown who did E&M Guidelines, as well as Jim Donaher who did an excellent coding presentation.  We also had a great Basket Raffle that netted us over $600. These baskets were donated by the board members. We will be sending out pictures from the Annual soon. It was a fun time for all and I would like to thank  Davy Simanivanh from Verisma who had purchased a number of raffle tickets and had his numbers called at least 5 times and he gave all the baskets he won to our members that were present. Also a big shout out to Robin Ingalls- Fitzgerald from MRS who sponsored our lunch.

On September 11th we held our Strategic Meeting  for the upcoming year. Some of the things we are looking to do is go back to Mystic for next year’s Annual Meeting. We have not decided on a one or two day event, but will keep you posted. We will look to send out a survey on several questions and this will be one of them.  We are also exploring a possible involvement with the 3 State Meeting ( New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine) in May. We will be looking at cost and if it would benefit our members.  More to come on that as we get more information. We will also be attending the HOD meeting on 9/19 and will bring you up to date on any information that we gather from that.

 On Oct. 14th we will be holding a 4 hour coding webinar on the ICD-10 CM/PCS updates. This will be presented by Lynn Kuehn. Lynn has an excellent record and has done numerous coding presentations throughout the years. We are looking forward to that. I encourage you to sign up early as we may have limited space.

We are also going to start  planning   other educational sessions, both in person and webinars. We are looking to partner with Charter Oak State College for a number of webinars, more to come on that. We are also looking to have Jennifer Cox back to do a presentation sometime this year and will be doing other coding and CDi presentations as well. We are also looking to do a Behavioral Health Education session sometime in the spring. Another thing we are looking to do is to try and engage our new members and students. We are looking at several ideas, one being a President letter meet and greet, or other events that will help show off our professionalism to our members and new students.

So as you can see we have a lot on our plate to work on. We have asked Liz Taylor to do our Newsletter as she has done a great job of this in the past and we look forward to her great work again.  So going forward we ask that if you have a comment, if you know of any speakers that might be of interest to our members, if you would like to volunteer, or would like to run for the board next election please let us know. We are hoping for a better year, and look forward to our members helping the association by being involved. Till next time stay safe and healthy.

Martin Cohen, RHIT
President, CtHIMA

Welcome New Board Members!

Please join us as we welcome Anna and Moses as first year directors to the CtHIMA board. Collectively, their varied experience and expertise will be an asset to the CtHIMA board and the members we serve.

Welcome aboard Anna and Moses!!

Moses Adgers, BA

Moses holds a BA degree and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree. He has been involved in the health information/informatics field for 10 plus years as a Health Programs Admission Counselor at Charter Oak College. Prior to his tenure at Charter Oak College, Moses held similar roles including as a multicultural recruitment and admission counselor in other higher education systems for 15 plus years. Moses has also been actively involved in other committees and volunteer work as housing coordinator, conference coordinator, and holds special recognition as Pi Gamma Mu Social Science Honors Fraternity and Omicron Delta Kappa Fraternity.

Anna Chick, RHIT

Anna holds the AHIMA credential of the RHIT. She comes to the board with 30 plus years of experience in the health information/informatics field. She has held various career roles that range from work as an EKG technician, progressing to medical records coder/DRG tech, processing state birth registry certificates to roles in management as a medical record supervisor and coding supervisor. Outside of her formal career experience Anna has been an avid and active volunteer in her community. She has volunteer experience as a CCD instructor assistant including working at the local PTA sporting activities, and hosting cub scout and girl scout events and activities. All the while Anna continued her work and progression in the HIM field in one capacity or another.

CtHIMA Board of Directors News

This past year as we all worked through the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic both personally and professionally, the CtHIMA Board also faced challenges as did many of our fellow CSAs. In the face of it, the board worked diligently to continue to provide quality educational opportunities virtually or on occasion, face to face aligned with social distancing (when allowed).

We are proud to say due to the generosity of our business partners and vendors we were able to achieve a great deal of educational opportunities virtually, even as the pandemic continued to be an ever-present topic of discussion and concern. As a country, we are beginning to see progress as we embark on the “new normal” a little at a time.

With that said, the CtHIMA would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of our Board of Directors who continued to be present and work together to serve our CSA members even as their term technically, had ended.

Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to each and every one of them for their continued service above and beyond their initial term. Most notably our 2nd year directors (for whom this was their third year!), Sabrena Gregrich, MBA, RHIA and Nora McRoberts, RHIA.

As the 2021-2022 year is upon us, we would like to welcome two new directors to the board, Moses Terrell Adgers and Anna Chick. Both Moses and Anna come to the board with a long history of experience in the field of health information management, business and education. Their various fields of expertise will be a benefit to the board and our members as we begin to put together the strategic plan for the coming year.

Though it has been a challenging year for everyone, we are excited about the prospect of embarking on new opportunities for education and networking in the season to come. Please be sure to reach out to us if you would like to volunteer or suggest educational topics of interest.

2021-2022 CtHIMA BOARD

Executive Board

Martin Cohen, RHIT President

James Donaher, RHIA, Past-president

President-elect – vacant

2nd Year Directors

Wendy Fisher, MS, RHIA

Kristen Piccirillo, RHIA, CCS

Danielle Wilcox, RHIA

1st Year Directors

Moses Adgers, BA

Ann Chick, RHIT

Office Coordinator

Tara Katynski



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